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A conversation with Jess Stephens: On being a culture vulture, following the flow to serendipity and remaining curious after moving to Morocco.

Chatting to Jess about moving to Morocco, setting up an Artisan tour centred around the craft itself and discussing the changes taking place inside the walls of the cities in and around Fez.  An excerpt from Jess: “It gave me great opportunity to roam around without any agenda, around the medina streets, learning my greetings in Moroccan Arabic at the same time. It was my opportunity to ‘open the doors’, which I have to say, were already open. People are very welcoming. As a practitioner myself, it was always the craft making that I was interested in. Pulling back the curtain you were able to see the process was phenomenal”

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10 Fairtrade Business' You Should Know About

Fairtrade fortnight runs from 21st February to 6th March, this years' focus is  on standing with farmers to seek climate justice, and the impact of climate change on Fairtrade farmers and producers around the world. You can get involved by joining  the global community for a free festival of online events that will educate and inspire us to choose the world we want to see. If you have missed out on any of the great talks and presentations they have held, it is all accessible on demand at: Fairtrade fortnight is the perfect opportunity for me to share some of my favourite sustainable, fair trade businesses that are doing their bit to improve our world for the better. Check...

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The Origin of Ethnic Collective Co

Ethnic Collective is an online homeware store that curates and sells authentic artisan made home interiors from across the world, each piece having a story to tell. Founder Sally Hopkins has always had a fondness for handmade homewares since visiting Morocco in 2016, it was there she realised she wanted to step away from far east sourcing and start sourcing directly from the artisans of Morocco, focusing on fair and ethical sourcing, that is transparent. She launched her website in 2020 and sells products made in Morocco ,India and Bali, ensuring to shine a light upon the makers.  

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Have you thought of using sustainable storage solutions?

  Who hasn’t become obsessed with The Home Edit in 2020? I certainly started re-evaluating what ‘Sparks Joy’ Kondo style in 2019 too – organisation is a big trend these days whether that be labelling your plastic drawers in your fridge, or having refillable softener bottles in your laundry room. But did you know getting your space organised can also be really therapeutic, it can make you feel like there is more order in your life (which is welcomed when everything feels a little all over the place in the world right now) and can set you up for a better working day if you are now working from home, and if you're looking for a more stylish and sustainable...

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