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Have you thought of using sustainable storage solutions?

New Palm Leaf Collection


Who hasn’t become obsessed with The Home Edit in 2020? I certainly started re-evaluating what ‘Sparks Joy’ Kondo style in 2019 too – organisation is a big trend these days whether that be labelling your plastic drawers in your fridge, or having refillable softener bottles in your laundry room. But did you know getting your space organised can also be really therapeutic, it can make you feel like there is more order in your life (which is welcomed when everything feels a little all over the place in the world right now) and can set you up for a better working day if you are now working from home, and if you're looking for a more stylish and sustainable way to organise your home then look no further, this is what we have been up to with the new Palm Leaf Collection..  


Hallway storage solutions palm leave woven baskets

We recently gave our hallway a makeover, (I say recently, I’m pretty sure the whole process took 10 months, and I still haven’t got carpet for the stairs – got to love lockdown!) We got a really simple Ivar cabinet from Ikea as you can upcycle it in so many ways, we attached it to the wall to give us some storage space underneath as well as inside, the Palm Leaf Baskets have worked perfectly for us here as we can keep the dog’s essentials neatly tucked out of sight but still in a convenient location, as well as giving us a good place to store slippers.

Hallway storage solutions palm leaf woven baskets


The smaller baskets are great for all our winter accessories, so are currently being used for hats and gloves, but are interchangeable throughout the seasons and I’m sure come Summer we will have some suncream and sunglasses hidden away out of sight in there.

Our Palm leaf trays have SO many uses, but for the hallway we find they work great for storing keys, spare change, and anything you don’t want to forget when walking out the door (hand sanitiser and a face mask is high on the list at the moment).

I also think its the perfect place to attach the palm leaf woven plate to the wall, as all the differing natural pantones of the tray the bowl and the cabinet work really well together 


Woven Palm Leaf Tray



Keeping some trays on your dressing or bed side table keeps everything in its place and means getting ready in the morning is much quicker when I’m not running around looking for a hair tie or finding some glasses. Both the trays and baskets also work really well as organisers for clothes.

Dressing table storage palm leaf storage trays

If you’re looking to add a pop of greenery to a room our woven dome hanging basket will help you do just that – suspend a hook from your ceiling or hang from a rail. The natural palm adds a natural texture alongside the braided leather hanger. Either pair with a real plant or style with a faux fern like below.


Woven Palm leaf hanging planter



What better way to make your bathroom more aesthetically pleasing? Organising all your toiletries and keeping them tidy can transform the space. Storing your bottles messily on the side will always make your bathroom feel cluttered – our palm baskets are great loo roll storage, or handy for towels too, and the trays are great for smaller bottles and tubes. 

Woven palm leaf bathroom storage
As you can see the new collection is so versatile, and we can't wait to see what uses you come up with in your home. Tag is in your storage solution photos with the #EthnicCollectiveCo.

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