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Curating an Authentic Home

Perfecting a curated authentic home takes some consideration, it’s all about balancing the elements – trying to make it look effortless sure does take some effort.

Ensuring you have the right foundation for your interiors is important, the textures and finish on the floor, walls and surfaces add to the feel of the room and are often overlooked. Neutral tones add balance to a room as all the additional elements can either be darker or lighter.

Pieces of furniture that are timeless will work in your favour as they can last decades. Now in my late 20’s (gulp) we are realising a lot of the flat pack furniture bought when we first started renting 6 years ago is now past it’s best. Obviously as a young twenty-something renting a home for the first time you can’t splash out on an expensive chest of drawers, but we are realising now the future purchases we make for our home will be more considered. Abigail Ahern has said, “It is important not to be trend led, a strong fashion statement will date. Keep the basics simple and accessorise to refresh it.”

 Mid Century Timeless Chest of Drawers Unsplash

Once you have your base to build from you can really get creative, mixing the finishes on furniture will give a more curated look, rather than having everything matchy matchy. Differing tones of wood, even incorporating chipboard (if you are into DIY – it makes a real statement painted and sanded) rattan (a boho lovers dream) leather and suede all add texture and depth to a room. Don’t think you have to play it safe.

Texture home interiors 

Soft furnishings are one of my favourite accents to add to a room. There are so many different finishes and they all work so well together so don’t worry about mixing it up. Tassels, embroidery, frills and fringe bring a texture to life even more. Key pieces like our Mono Black Leather Pouffe and our Mali Mudcloth cushions add differing textures, making the room feel more cosy. When you know your item has been made by hand, each piece being unique, it feels even more special.

Layering up throws can also add a sense of warmth, have you thought about storing all your throws in a simple palm leaf basket? That way they are to hand whenever you need some extra warmth. 

Textures in living room

woven bohemian palm leaf basket


Authentic home accessories will really add to your considered home, different textures and heights add interest and encourage the eye to follow your display. Buying artisan made pieces on your travels means that the décor you are adding to your home hasn’t just been purchased sustainably from the maker themselves, but also means that the accents you add tell a story, and will take you back to the moment you bought them each time you admire them! And in a world where we can no longer travel easily at the moment, there are a multitude of British artisans and craftspeople that you are able to support by shopping small.

Curated home accessories vase



@Indigo_Casa Shows how mixing finishes can make a real statement, the different finishes add interest to a practical kitchen shelf. 

Lastly you can’t forget about dried stems. They automatically add a natural feel to a room, and they are so easy to get hold of. You can update them easily and make them seasonal, they make the perfect finishing touch.

Dried floral stems unsplash

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