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4 tips to an Effortless Autumn Refresh

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The darker nights, turning of the leaves and that sweet autumnal scent of pumpkin spice – just like that my favourite season is here. This years changing season, and the prospect of a many more nights at home, means it’s the perfect time to de-clutter and make your home extra cosy as the colder weather creeps in and we all feel like going into hibernation.


  1. Be realistic with your organisation

The most important thing to remember when de-cluttering is to not put pressure on yourself. No one needs to have an Instagram worthy home, as homes are there to be lived in. A full de-clutter will take time, so start with a small section such as a storage cupboard or shelving unit, and if you’re not sure about getting rid of something, listen to your gut and don’t hold onto it only for sentimental reasons. Aiming for uber organised cupboards with everything in jars and baskets may be unachievable for you and hard to keep tidy.

  1. Don’t forget to clean behind the furniture

Much like with a spring clean, autumn is the perfect time to pull away the furniture and hoover away all those cobwebs, especially as all the spiders are inviting themselves in.


  1. Tackle storage solutions last

It’s easy to get excited about all the great storage solutions when tidying up your home – who doesn’t love a woven basket to keep all for blankets and throws organised? But don’t go crazy until you know what you need to store. Everything deserves a space, but you also don’t need 5 baskets in your lounge (or maybe you do!)

  1. Make it COSY

Maybe more than ever this year we want to feel at home… while at home. Our home should be a place of sanctuary in this slightly manic world, where you can soak in a hot bath. Check out Salt and Steam's nod to Halloween with their new range of bath salts. Be surrounded by the smell of lovely Autumnal scents from Organico Wax Melts and feel completely relaxed while snuggled up on the sofa.


You can achieve that warm welcoming setting, updating your home by layering textiles like our Essa tasselled throw (available in black and white or Natural Camel), and scattering an assortment of our Natural Maroc Cactus Silk cushions – the warm hues create a perfect autumnal palette that guarantee to make you want to get your pyjamas on even quicker so you can settle in with some hot chocolate and a good film (my personal recommendation being Hocus Pocus, for the 80th time).


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